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Welcome to the home page of the Independent Institute for Wildlife Protection (Germany)

About us

The Independent Institute for Wildlife Protection (Germany) is a non-profit organization. We work to protect wild animals and their natural habitats. Our projects focus on free-living wildlife, and also on wild animals in captivity. Our work is financed through funding, membership fees and donations.

Our research helps to protect wildlife from hazards

Wildlife is increasingly threatened by hazards caused by human influence. Wild animals have to cope with rubbish and poison in their environment, with the division of their habitat by streets, power lines, wind turbines, fences or nets or with the complete loss of their natural habitats due to human activities. The Independent Institute for Wildlife Protection (Germany) is predominantly conducting research in the field of wildlife protection with the aim of learning more about man-made risks to wildlife and their effects. Moreover, the institute works to mitigate or remove potential hazards to wild animals strives to protect and reconnect natural habitats for indigenous wildlife.

We develop standards for the rehabilitation of sick and injured wildlife

As a result of the increasing numbers of sick and injured wild animals that are picked up by humans, many wildlife rehabilitation centers have been established in Germany during the last decades. A lot of them contribute to animal welfare and to environmental education. They care for wildlife injured through human activities and rehabilitate them whenever possible. However, no uniform standards exist for the rehabilitation of wildlife in Germany. Each region or federal state has different requirements. For this reason wild animals do not always receive the professional treatment, food or husbandry care required for recovery during the rehabilitation process. As a result, wild animals may be affected by secondary diseases more easily and may suffer or die during rehabilitation or after release. The Independent Institute for Wildlife Protection wants to improve this by developing uniform standard guidelines for wildlife rehabilitation in Germany. These standards shall ensure that the needs of the different wildlife species and individuals are matched, while they are care. In this relation it is planned to establish a quality management system for rehabilitation centers in Germany. Apart from that, the Independent Institute for Wildlife Protection (Germany) conducts research to gain more knowledge on the medical treatment, the husbandry care and the release condition of injured or sick wild animals and that way optimize the rehabilitation processes.

Protect wild animals by sharing information and through cooperation

An important aim of the Independent Institute for Wildlife Protection (Germany) is to improve the exchange of information by facilitating cooperation and networking in the field of wildlife rescue. This shall be achieved by organizing meetings, lectures, seminars or conferences on a national and international basis. The circulation and exchange of knowledge, experience, information and opinions in the field of wildlife rehabilitation will help to protect wild animals in a better and more efficient way. Amongst other things mistakes in treatment and husbandry care can be prevented.

Environmental education and public relations helps to protect wildlife

Public relations and environmental education is the first step to encourage more decison-making and responsibility within the public with respect to wildlife protection. In the long-term, we can only expect the public to change their attitude and engagement towards wildlife protection if we put more emphasis on environmental education. The Independent Institute for Wildlife Protection (Germany) supports teachers by developing educational materials on wild animals, their life and habitats, and their protection. Nature tours and excursions aim to make people familiar again with the indigenous wildlife and their environment. Moreover, the institute informs the public about problems and solutions around wildlife protection through meetings or by oral presentations.





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